Beyoncé Celebrates 9th Anniversary w/Jay Z In The Form Of 'Die With You' Video

Editorial: Jay-Z & Beyonce Clear Up Rumors About Buying Rights To Confederate Flag

To celebrate her 9-year wedding anniversary with Jay ZBeyoncé drops the full version of her video for "Die With You" which happens to be another Tidal exclusive that you can give a watch below...

[xyz-ihs snippet="BeyonceDieWithYouMusicVideoTidalPlayer"]

Now keeping in mind that this is a Tidal exclusive, there might be more footage on this video than what can be seen here at The DigiSpot. So if that happens to be the case, you might have to be a subscriber to watch the rest of the video above.

**UPDATE** We have since been able to get our hands on the full version of this video which you can give a watch below...