Bethenny Frankel Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Bethenny Frankel Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Bethenny Frankel has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

Not too long ago, Kelly Rowland walked off the “Today” show because of problems with the dressing room that she was provided at that time at the studio.

While everybody and their momma had their say on the matter, what Bethenny Frankel had to say on this matter is what brings our focus to today’s Donkey Of The Day.

Frankel thought she was dong something when she had this to say in a now-deleted TikTok video, “I’ve co-hosted with Hoda [Kotb] and I’ve arrived there and the makeup area that you touch up in is often a drop cloth, like, a black drop off.

Frankel continued with, “And then your dressing room is the size of a closet and you’re trying to fit all your people in the clown car. And you know what? You’re so excited. You’re so gracious.

Frankel continued to “hit on all cylinders” with, “You’re co-hosting on the ‘Today’ show, an institution in entertainment, a news organization that is not about fancy dressing rooms.

Frankel ends her “rant” with, “That was not the moment for diva expectations.

In an ironic twist (if you want to call it that lol), Charlamagne Tha God went out of his way to give Frankel the prestigious honor of being awarded a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day for the hypocrisy in her TikTok statement.

You can give what he had to say on the matter a watch plus drop feedback in the comment box below…

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