BeMyFiasco "2 Car Garage" (Video)

BeMyFiasco "2 Car Garage" (Video)

BeMyFiasco's "2 Car Garage" video is a lighthearted, animated tale of one humbling life experience.

Singer-songwriter BeMyFiasco released her lauded debut album 'Where I Left You' via +FE Music/EMPIRE on October 15, 2021.

Today (4.13.2022), the lighthearted animated music video for album standout "2 Car Garage".

Based on BeMyFiasco's real life experience of moving from Dallas to Los Angeles, the video was animated by visual artist Tàvia McMillan (aka Cryptic Donuts).

"My approach was somewhat like a story book sort of format, which was something Phonte and I discussed, and I came to really love the idea. I thought it would be fitting for it to have the light-heartedness of shows like 'Steven Universe' and 'Adventure Time', but also have the uniqueness in style and visual story. Normally, I go through the process of designing the characters first, then storyboarding and timing things out for animation. Once all of this is completed, the bulk of the work is the animation itself and all background details to bring it all together." -Tàvia McMillan

BeMyFiasco "2 Car Garage" (Video)

'Where I Left You' includes guest features from Little Brother, Devin Morrison, Carlitta Durand, and Darien Brockington.

With production from Tall Black Guy, Roho, among others, the album's roughly 30-minute runtime floats through warm and mellifluous R&B, and seamlessly transitions between Neo-Soul and Electronic dance rhythms, with slight flourishes of Hip-Hop.

Executive producer Phonte intended for the project to serve as a love letter to the work of Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and the Swing Mob.

Aaliyah is one of BeMyFiasco's earliest and most prominent influences, making the album a full circle moment.