‘Before Kanye West, Rappers Weren’t Wifing All These Hoes’…Says Uncle Luke

'Before Kanye West, Rappers Weren’t Wifing All These Hoes'...Says Uncle Luke

It’s not very likely a conversation about ghostwriting in Hip Hop would end up including a critique of Kanye West marrying Kim Kardashian, but leave it up to Southern rap legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell to make that connection.

The former leader of 2 Live Crew recently spoke with WatchLOUD & Campbell had some words about Ye’s decision to tie the knot with the famous reality show star. When asked if there was a difference between R&B singers using songwriters & rappers using ghostwriters, Uncle Luke offered his opinion on why things in Hip Hop have changed.

Luke says:

“It used to be a difference. Before Kanye West, rappers weren’t wifing all these hoes. Rappers would be secure with their woman. When you look at Ice Cube, he’s always been with his wife. You look at Will Smith – he’s always been with [Jada Pinkett Smith]. Hip Hop was different. We didn’t get caught up in the Hollywood thing.”

He added:

“We weren’t marrying girls or wifing girls for the internet to blow up.”