Baltimore's Top Indie Label, #HeartlessRecords, Donates $1,100 To The SCDAA

Baltimore’s Top Indie Label, #HeartlessRecords, Donates $1,100 To The SCDAA

Heartless Records CEO, Eric Lipscomb, who also suffers from Sickle-Cell Anemia, would like to give back & help others who suffer from SCD and donates towards research funding.

Back in May (2015), Lipscomb was diagnosed with pneumonia & placed on life support – in addition to suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. While he has shown tremendous improvement towards his recovery, the Heartless Records CEO is making sure he gives back to an organization he can relate to, in order to help others.

When asked about sickle-cell anemia, Lipscomb said:

"So many people are affected by this disease. You rarely hear people talk about it though. You have people that talk about cancer, diabetes, & other diseases, but sickle cell always gets overlooked – due to the fact that it's an African-American disease. It should be talked about a little more."

To make sure he makes a difference in other people's lives who suffer the same disease as himself, Lipscomb will donate $1,100 to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. His label, Heartless Records, currently signed under Memphis-based label Select-O-Hits, Inc., is more than just music. It's a support system & Lipscomb wants to extend the support to others.

To learn more about Sickle Cell Disease, please visit:!!!

About Heartless Records:
An independent record label started by Eric Lipscomb & launched in 2008. The label primarily focuses on new talent, often overseeing early-stage development for acts that are destined for other labels. However, it also serves established artists looking for non-traditional deals.

Current Artist Roster:
King Lyrikz, Lil Mike, Young Frantz, Young Mill