Ball In The Family – Season 2, Episode 12

Ball In The Family - Season 2, Episode 12

Season 2, Episode 12:Strong Moves

In New York City, Lavar says goodbye to his sons to return to Los Angeles on pressing BBB business while D-Mo takes Melo and Gelo to Cleveland to see Lonzo play against his childhood idol, LeBron James. Back in Los Angeles, Lavar and Allan make an announcement that sends shockwaves through the sports world, the formation of the ‘JBA’ (Junior Basketball League). The purpose of which is to create an option (other than the NCAA) for basketball players graduating high school who want to go pro. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, D-Mo realizes how naïve Melo and Gelo are in the ways of the European Professional Basketball League and sets out to educate them on the level of competition and physical play they can expect, especially because they are the ‘Ball Boys’. Realizing that there will be a target on their backs, Melo and Gelo return to Los Angeles with a new attitude and begin their physical training.

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