Bad Blood: Victims Of The UK's Contaminated Blood Scandal Still Seek Justice

Bad Blood: Victims Of The UK’s Contaminated Blood Scandal Still Seek Justice

In the 1970s and 1980s, people with haemophilia in the UK received a new drug called Factor 8 imported from the US. Only years later did patients learn that their treatment had been derived from human blood.

Up to 40,000 paid donors contributed to each batch, including prisoners and drug users. The infected Factor 8 products gave thousands of people HIV and Hepatitis C, some 1,200 have since died as a direct result of the contamination.

Decades later, victims of the infected blood scandal and their families finally have a chance to have their questions answered; a nationwide Inquiry is finally underway.

RTD hears from the people most affected; haemophilia patients, Richard Warwick and Martin Beard, Jason Evans, founder of the campaign group, Factor 8 and Liz Carroll from the Haemophilia Society.