B Real (of Cypress Hill) On ‘People’s Party With Talib Kweli’

B Real (of Cypress Hill) On 'People's Party With Talib Kweli'

On the latest People’s Party, Kweli sits down with legendary hip-hop artist B Real to discuss Cypress Hill, Prophets of Rage, gang life, and marijuana and cannabis activism.

Topics covered on this week’s episode:

  • 1:50 | Kweli and B Real on Cypress Hill’s historic “Woodstock ’94” concert
  • 3:25 | B Real on the formation of Prophets of Rage. “We’re gonna show them what ‘raging against the machine’ really is”
  • 8:00 | B Real on the power of bringing a live band onto stage
  • 10:05 | How B Real was influenced by rock music
  • 10:56 | Kweli and B Real on whether Mexicans and Afro-Latin people have an “n-word pass”
  • 16:30 | “When did you become B Real?” Answer: “Pretty much when I started running with the gangs.”
  • 19:12 | B Real on his father getting shot 12 times
  • 20:02 | B Real on getting shot in a rival neighborhood and being rushed to “Killer King” hospital. “It didn’t knock me out of the game”
  • 24:00 | B-Real’s famous nasal-y voice
  • 27:18 | “Who is like your All-Star team of people that you’ve smoked with?” Snoop Dogg and Wiz both make the list, along with a few surprises
  • 29:40 | B Real shares the story of going on Saturday Night Live and being “banned” from the show. “We had it planned!”
  • 35:12 | B Real explains how he went from “stoner” to cannabis activist
  • 39:44 | B-Real talks about having to stay up on what cannabis culture. “I try to stay up on game… ’cause people try to test me”
  • 44:10 | “Dispensary gentrification” and black and brown people potentially being shut out of the cannabis industry
  • 48:20 | “What do you feel like is good about immigration right now and what could be better?”
  • 51:30 | The power of voting and organizing people to vote as a block

“People’s Party With Talib Kweli” is also available to give a listen via Spotify | SoundCloud | Google Play | Apple

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