Ayar (@AyarArtist) » Good Is Getting Better [Mixtape]

Ayar (@AyarArtist) » Good Is Getting Better [Mixtape]

“You know the story, Young G/Out tryna see through Chlorine/Looks like it’s all clean out here/‘til another Mum’s out here mourning/You know the story…/Young G, tryna stack dough but is fallin’/Looks like he’s got no more options ‘til he makes Cats keep callin’/You know the story…”

The project boasts some stellar features from artists such as Naira, Jayd Alexander, Mover, Rageouz, and Don E plus over fresh production featuring classic cuts and hip hop beats. The mixtape is an introspective look at the UK rappers life as he paints a journey of his life, relationships and street struggles through contemplative rhymes and spoken word. Ayar does not rely on hard-hitting beats to carry him along, more on his remarkable lyrical flair and incredible storytelling abilities. 18-year-old Ayar released his video for single “Just Like You”, (one of the standout tracks off his first mixtape 'Good Could Be Better') last year. This has been his most successful video release to date (over 8,000 views) and put him firmly on the UK rap radar.

His recent performance on the UK’s SBTV Warm Up Sessions plus his frequent features on the leading urban UK websites Grime Daily, Link Up TV, and RWD Magazine have shown Ayar to be a formidable force in UK hip hop. He is “One to Watch” in 2013, so keep your eyes peeled.

UK rapper Ayar drops hot new mixtape 'Good Is Getting Better' today on Mixtape Madness!!!