Audio: WWE Drops Hulk Hogan After Racist Footage Goes Public

Audio: WWE Drops Hulk Hogan After Racist Footage Goes Public

Things just keep getting stranger in the life of Terry Bollea, best known as the shirt-ripping professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

As Hulkster is set to go to trial in a $100 million personal-injury lawsuit against Gawker Media, which posted video of a sex tape featuring Hogan, it’s been revealed late Thursday night that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has scrubbed most mentions of its hall of fame wrestler from their websites and online stores.

According to Wrestling News Source, “On, Hogan is no longer listed on the WWE Hall of Fame page, and all of his merchandise has also been removed from The only thing currently remaining that mentions Hogan involves WWE’s upcoming Australian tour, which Hogan was scheduled to take part in as general manager. However, when any attempt to access this page is made, a message appears stating “you are not authorized to access this page.”

Seven pages of old Hogan articles, however, still appear when using the “search” function of the site. Hogan, meanwhile, tweeted the following in the wake of the news:

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Reports online claim that the reason behind the scrubbing of Hulk Hogan is an audio clip from an interview that’s surfaced online. The radio interview occurred back in October 2012, and featured Hogan on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show Whoolywood Shuffle, which aired on Eminem’s Sirius XM hip-hop channel Shade 45.

During the interview, host DJ Whoo Kid brought up how Hulk Hogan has a history of calling everyone “brother,” and the conversation then segued into the infamous moment when Booker T called Hulkster a “nigger” on live TV.