Audio: (@TalkOfTheStTV) Interviews AZ (@QuietAZMoney)

Audio: (@TalkOfTheStTV) Interviews AZ (@QuietAZMoney) recently had the pleasure of sitting down with legendary artist AZ after his current tour. They talked about the upcoming project 'Doe Or Die II'. For the production of 'Doe Or Die II', he’s working with a list of producers who have previously produced tracks on the first 'Doe Or Die' album. He revealed to them that he would be retiring after the releasing this project.

Another hot topic discussed is the current state of NY Hip Hop. Tune in to the exclusive Talk Of The Streets interview to hear AZ’s opinion on the return of New York Hip Hop, possibility of a Firm project, & his thoughts on rappers on reality shows.

Expect the 'Doe Or Die II' album to hit the streets this November as he plans to revisit where the first 'Doe Or Die' left off; with the promise of a Firm member feature.

Be sure to check out AZ’s most recent video "We Movin’" on & on here!!!