Audio: Stream 'We're All Equal (Trapped In America)' By @Snowgoons & N.B.S. (@NTheBS)
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Audio: Stream ‘We’re All Equal (Trapped In America)’ By @Snowgoons & N.B.S. (@NTheBS)

Exhausted & frustrated with they’ve seen in Ferguson and beyond; N.B.S. connects with longtime collaborators Snowgoons to tell the story of Emmett Till & Mike Brown. Chronicling the scarily similar narratives of the two young men separated by more than 50 years, N.B.S. urges others to be aware & involved.

Known for their intelligent streetwise approach to truthful hip-hop, cousins Flash & Knuckles recently returned from a tour in South America to put the finishing touches on their long-awaited sophomore release ‘Trapped In America’. A politically focused & hood-inspired tale with production from the powerhouse European team Snowgoons (responsible for recent releases by Raekwon, Onyx, MOP, Ghostface Killah, & Young Buck).

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