Audio: @Karceno Responds Back To Charlamagne Tha God

Audio: @Karceno Tells The Truth Behind Charlamagne Tha God Bleaching His Skin

This new video entry by Karceno only goes to prove the point of how if you dish it, you should be able to take it. But unfortunately, that's not the case with Charlamagne Tha God.

Charlamagne (aka Charla in this entry) seems to have his panties in a bunch because Karceno made some videos about him bleaching his skin & being on the Fox show "Empire" among other things. But it seems to me that Karceno is doing something right if something as petty as YouTube videos got Charla all hot & bothered.

If interested, you can hear what started this whole thing on the recent Brilliant Idiots podcast at the 18:50 mark below…