Audio: Indie Street Beats (@IndieStreetBeat) Interviews Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) [5.16.2014]

Audio: Indie Street Beats (@IndieStreetBeat) Interviews DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) [5.12.2014] 2

North Carolina's leading talent Chox-Mak, who is currently taking over the internet & streets, talks with up & coming publication Indie Street Beats about everything he has next. He also gets into how he used to live in Japan & where his musical influences come from. Chox-Mak is very dedicated to his craft & takes his music career very serious. He even said at one point in time: before he met DJ YRS Jerzy, that he was considering to not make music anymore but seen where he could go & kept pushing. This is a classic Chox-Mak interview so make sure to tune in.

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