Audio: Azealia Banks Awarded #DonkeyOfTheDay [9.30.2015]

Audio: Azealia Banks Awarded #DonkeyOfTheDay [9.30.2015]

It seems that Azealia Banks just can’t catch a break to save her life with all the Ls she has been taking her whole career. And the latest L she has taken comes in the form in her comparing the LGBT community to the KKK.

As we already know, this didn’t go over too good as most of the world (the LGBT community, in particular) was foaming at the mouth regarding the now-deleted tweet. Today is no different as Charlamagne Tha God gives her the honor of Donkey Of The Day for making the comparison.

And on that note, you can hear Charlamagne speak on the situation below…

If interested, you can give Banks’ replies to the LGBT community’s reactions a read in the following tweets below…