Ashanti Rides Down On 'Officer Curtis' (50 Cent) For Trolling

Ashanti Rides Down On 'Officer Curtis' (50 Cent) For Trolling

As we enter The Twilight Zone once again, we take another trip back to 2003 to experience another G-Unit vs. Murder Inc battle before our eyes.

While Ashanti & Ja Rule have long been gone from Murder Inc. Records, it hasn't stopped 50 Cent from flexing his social media (Instagram, in this case) muscle when it comes to anybody associated with Murder Inc. (Ja Rule, in particular).

50 recently went out of his way to troll Ja Rule as well as Ashanti for having their college concert cancelled because of low ticket sales (24 tickets, to be exact).

You can watch the ruckus go down in the following Instagram posts below...

Ashanti has since responded via a recent interview with TMZ admittedly saying that the college show was cancelled because of lack of promotion while afterwards ending her statement mentioning that "Officer Curtis better cut it out" and calling him a bully.

You can give the short interview a watch in its entirety below...

In typical "Officer Curtis" fashion, 50 has since taken back to Instagram to respond to Ja Rule & Ashanti with troll posts which you can give a read & watch below...

With all of this in mind, it's only a matter of time before we enter The Twilight Zone once again in the near future!!!