Artist Creates Talking Doll To Boost Girls Self-Esteem & Picture Book Teaching Unique Facts About Black History

Artist Creates Talking Doll To Boost Girls Self-Esteem & Picture Book Teaching Unique Facts About Black History

Artist TiffanyJ creates inspirational talking doll to promote high self-esteem in depressed, bullied girls

Inspirational personality and music artist TiffanyJ announces the release of her plush pep-talking doll, Super Beauty.

Super Beauty was created to help young girls combat low self esteem and boost their confidence. With its ability to say over 20 positive phrases, the doll strives to deflect the mental and emotional stresses that affect girls battling bullies and/or depression.

Statistics show that females develop depression twice as much as males; it is TiffanyJ’s mission to use Super Beauty as a worldwide vessel to help prevent this tragedy so other girls will not become this statistic like she did.

As a child, I was super shy, intimidated, and a lonesome personality. I suffered badly with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old. My silence was mistakenly recognized as being quiet when in actuality it was a loud internal cry. It took me 30 years to truly understand the greatness within me, but it should NEVER take another girl nearly that long.”

In addition to the creation of the doll, TiffanyJ created the Super Beauty Mascot who travels the country to inspire young girls at schools, churches, camps, pageants and more. Also, Tiffany has published the first book in the Super Beauty Children’s Book Series entitled “Super Beauty Saves The Day”.

I truly have a passion for children, especially girls and the positive thoughts they should have for themselves,” says Tiffany. “Super Beauty will save the day.”

The Super Beauty doll is available for order HERE. The official theme song for Super Beauty is also AVAILABLE NOW.

TiffanyJ is currently working on a digital cartoon movie featuring Super Beauty as well as Super Beauty bedroom decor and coloring books dropping later this year.

About TiffanyJ, Creator of the SUPER BEAUTY Brand
A soulful approach to melodic art” is what inspirational soul artist TiffanyJ embodies. Through many forms of artistic expression, she has uncovered her calling and is on a mission to help others free themselves by embracing their uniqueness and individuality. The Self-Esteem advocate is taking her love for the self-love of people, especially girls to another level. She’s the founder of the 5-year girl’s organization, The Beauty, You Are Boot Camp, has been featured twice as a speaker of the national touring event, Girl’s World Expo, is the author of “It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self and Loving It” and is now releasing the Super Beauty children’s book series and inspirational talking doll.

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