@Apollo_Mighty Is Moving Through The '#Wilderness'

@Apollo_Mighty Is Moving Through The '#Wilderness' 1

A young man’s journey may lead him into an unfamiliar space, but sometimes it requires a trip through the 'Wilderness' to find answers, purpose, & meaning. The new EP from buzzing Memphis bred soul singer Apollo Mighty is a unique body of work that represents a progressive sound for the genre, with lyrics and themes on self-doubt, courage, fear, & freedom. Featuring production from Lewis Cullen, ItsDutchee, B.A. The Misfits, & the critically acclaimed DJ Dahi, the soundscapes create feelings of both vulnerability & hope.

Apollo Mighty - Wilderness [EP Tracklisting]

Apollo says:

"'Wilderness' in many ways reawakened my love for lyricism again. Writing this project felt like poetry. During the creative and production process, I felt like I grew more so in terms of knowing more about who I am and what I want to say. I make some bold statements on this one and at first I thought about not saying certain things, but I ultimately knew that I needed to say them as this project is a true testament to where I am right now in life.”

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You can also give the 3-part short film for this EP a watch below...