Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Drop ‘Sardines’ Album

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Drop ‘Sardines’ Album

Apollo Brown and Planet Asia release their new collaboration album, ‘Sardines’, on Mello Music Group.

Prolific Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Fresno Rap veteran Planet Asia have released their new collaboration album, ‘Sardines’, on Mello Music Group.

The followup to the duo’s beloved 2017 collaborative album ‘Anchovies’, ‘Sardines’ sees Apollo Brown and Planet Asia improve upon the minimalist, grimy Hip-Hop theme from the first collab with pristine execution.

The names Apollo Brown and Planet Asia evoke a rarefied set of expectations.

In 2017, the proficient beatsmith and highly revered emcee came together to release their album ‘Anchovies’.

The album was hailed one of the best albums of the year by many major media outlets.

With the success of their first LP and the level of mutual respect these Hip-Hop legends have for each other, reuniting for another album was a no-brainer.

Everybody knows that as an emcee, Planet Asia is not only one of the best to do it, but one of MY personal favorites to adorn the mic. That being said, we just HAD to follow up the cult-like showing of ‘Anchovies’,” states Apollo.

Planet Asia concludes, “This time around was definitely one of the best sophomores from any duo. Not too many times you can get a producer and a rapper to make lightning strike twice!!!”

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Drop ‘Sardines’ Album

The new album, ‘Sardines’, is curb-checking minimalist hip-hop: sharp, efficient, and well-executed as a guillotine chop.

Aptly titled ‘Sardines’, the duo elevates the raw, guttural essence of ‘Anchovies’, refining it to perfection.

Apollo Brown says, “With the second offering, appropriately titled ‘Sardines’. And just like a can of ‘Anchovies’ isn’t for everyone, the same can be said about a tin full of ‘Sardines’. You either love’em or you hate’em. This album had to be done, and in my opinion, done better than the first. Dirt, grit, mud, sticks, and stones, all that. Leave your boots on.”

Pairing Apollo Brown’s masterful crate-digging production alongside Planet Asia’s raw raps and immaculate delivery, ‘Sardines’ showcases the duo’s undeniable chemistry.

“Get That Dough Off” showcases smoothly polished basslines from Brown and Asia’s slick braggadocious bars.

Apollo Brown finds the perfect balance of grime and orchestral jazz fusion loops on “Wide Awake”.

On “Peas and Onions”, Planet Asia demonstrates his elite pen game and adept flow.

The album also features exceptional performances from guest emcees Sick Jacken, TriState, Marv Won, and Ty Farris.

With a combination of decades of experience between the two, Planet Asia and Apollo Brown have created an impeccable album full of as much grit and craftsmanship as anyone to ever incinerate a microphone or master an MPC.

Apollo Brown and Planet Asia’s ‘Sardines’ album is available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms via Mello Music Group

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