Editorial: Anonymous Reacts To KKK E-Threats By Hacking Their Twitter Account [#OpKKK]
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Anonymous Drops The Official Identities Of 1,000 KKK Members [#OpKKK]

After what seemed like a pump fake from a fake Anonymous hacker group that went down earlier this week, the real Anonymous drops the official identities of 1,000 KKK members via Pastebin. After taking a brief look at the list, most of the members seem to be private citizens but there could be some public figures on this list as well.

1 thing I can say is that regardless of whether these Klan folk are public figures or private citizens, you never know who is who & your worst enemy can always be standing next to you and you wouldn’t even know it. You can give the official list a read via Pastebin (above) or via their tweet below…


**UPDATE** Anonymous explains why they took several names off the list in the following tweet below…