Angelica Bias “No Lames In The VIP” (Video)

Angelica Bias "No Lames In The VIP" (Video)

TLC warned “No Scrubs”, Sporty Thieves responded “No Pigeons”, and now, Angelica Bias declares “No Lames In The VIP”.

If the name Angelica Bias (pronounced Bee-ahs) sounds familiar, it absolutely should. The beautiful songstress previously released music under the duo, 630, with her husband, artist, producer, and songwriter, Josh Bias, co-founder of their independent label, 630 Productions. With a unique voice that reaches the very depths of the human spirit and a musical style that consists of R&B, Blues, and Southern Soul with Gospel undertones, her signature vocals resulted in critically acclaimed songs like “Quarantine Boo” and “You On You“.

Her new solo track, “No Lames In The VIP“, produced by Josh Bias and Jeremy Green, is the “No Scrubs” and “No Pigeons”, for today’s generation, advice to set boundaries, keep your circle tight, and your standards high. “The VIP section is your life and the Lames are people you shouldn’t let into your life,” explains Angelica. “The original concept for ‘No Lames In The VIP’ came from a conversation I had with Josh about a friend and a situation she was going through. Her boo at the time was lame, and she needed to kick him out of her life. Since we were so close with her, we talked about the situation, and Josh started writing the first verse and the hook. We co-wrote the remainder of the song together.”

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Angelica’s music fills a space long forgotten by contemporary artists. “When trying to find my voice as an artist, I was advised to thin out my vocals. I was told my voice sounded like cornbread and needed to sound more like a croissant,” recalls Angelica. “When I think about the artists, I am inspired by, they don’t sound like copies of each other. Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton, Selena, Sam Cooke, Mahalia Jackson, and Otis Redding each had their signature style. It’s rare to hear textured voices these days and I appreciate Jazmine Sullivan for what she’s brought to R&B music! Since I always complain about it, I’ve decided to represent what’s missing, that Southern Soul.”

The “No Lames In The VIP” video directed by Josh Bias and Cedd Colyer (Digital Age Media) was filmed at various locations in and around Atlanta’s Southside including South Bend Park (off Lakewood) and Fusion Sports Bar & Grill.