Angel Haze Wants To Smack Raven-Symoné & Here's Why...
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Angel Haze Wants To Smack Raven-Symoné & Here’s Why…

Angel Haze is ready to fight Raven-Symoné over her comments about a South Carolina high school student attacked by a deputy.

The 29-year-old actress was trashed on social media for her words, with people accusing her of blaming the victim for reportedly refusing to put her cellphone away in class.

Symoné has managed to gain more foes than fans in a very short time as co-host of The View. This week, however, was too much for Haze to handle. “I guess yesterday I went on a Twitter rant, and I asked Raven-Symoné to fight me. Which, by the way, I totally mean. Someone needs to smack her because the things that she says are just ridiculous,” Haze said in a HuffPo Live interview.

“I read so much about this girl,” Haze said of the teen.” She’s dealing with the loss of her mother. You obviously de-socialize yourself when you lose someone so close to you.” She added, “The officer’s been accused of so many things. How can you even dare side with something like that?”

Spring Valley High School students recorded officer Ben Fields slamming their classmate to the ground while she sat at her desk. In the recording, a teacher stands there as the girl is being attacked.

Fields was fired days after the recording surfaced. The FBI and Justice Department are investigating the altercation.