Andrew Yang Announces He’s Giving $1 Million To The People Of NYC On The Breakfast Club

Andrew Yang Announces He's Giving $1 Million To The People Of NYC On The Breakfast Club

This morning, CNN commentator Andrew Yang stopped by The Breakfast Club to announce that he will be donating 1 million dollars to the people of NYC, what’s the best course of action going forward for our economy to rebound from the havoc the Coronavirus has caused + more! One of the effects that the virus has had around the world and even here in our own country is that people have been attacking Asians verbally such as the President calling it the “China Virus” and physically. When asked if he has face any type of bigotry due to this Yang had this to say:

“Not directly, but as an Asian American, you can’t help but feel bad for that fact that your community is being called out this way”, he goes on “I think it’s the same old distraction ploy that Trump uses” (on the topic of Trump calling it the “China Virus”).

While many cities across the country have began to shut down in an attempt to level out the curve of new cases daily, Andrew Yang isn’t sure if that should be the same case for New York City,

“I think that it’s tough because there are a lot things that people are going to rely on, you have to look around and say there are a-lot of things that people are going to rely on even if there at home, even if they say I’m going to order deliver, who’s the delivery person” he goes on “People that are vital to the continuing function of the infrastructure we rely upon, like sanitation, police firefighters, but then you would also say truck drivers, manufactures, the people putting the stuff together and getting them to the grocery store”.

On the topic of New York, the main reason why Andrew Yang came today to the show was because he wanted to announce that he will be giving 1 MILLION dollars to the people of New York. He explains that he knows people are suffering right now and how families are scared and aren’t sure where their next check will be coming from. While the government is working towards giving everyone in America a check, Yang is getting in on it early as he says it will take awhile for those government checks to actually come in.

With a focus in the Bronx, Yang’s goal is to get money into the bank accounts of the working poor, money to tip workers (waiters), and the rest of the population through their website

Check out Andrew Yang’s full Interview with the Breakfast Club below!

[via The Breakfast Club]