Amelia Moore Will Never Be “that girl”

Buzzing Pop artist Amelia Moore releases her new single, “that girl”.

Amelia Moore, the rising star known for her emotionally resonant songwriting, is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest single, “that girl”.

This compelling track delves into the challenges of navigating insecurity and self-doubt within the ever-present online world.

Inspired by her commitment to emotional transparency, Moore takes listeners on a journey through the tribulations of toxic comparison and the struggle for self-confidence.

“that girl” serves as a poignant conversation starter, inviting listeners to explore the impact of chronic online exposure on mental well-being.

Known for her songwriting and vulnerability, Moore’s “that girl” is poised to become an anthem for those navigating self-discovery and confidence.

The track features production from Trackside (Selena Gomez, Ryan Destiny, Tinashe) and Inverness (Natalie Jane, Jessie Murph).

Building on the success of her previous single, “Over My Ex”, where Moore challenged conventional wisdom about rebound relationships, she continues to carve her path in the industry.

In discussing the inspiration behind “that girl”, Amelia Moore shared, “I listened to ‘honey’ by Kehlani and ‘love yourself’ by Justin Bieber before I got to the studio to write ‘that girl’. I’m constantly seeing these ‘perfect’ girls on the internet, and it reminds me how insecure I’ve always been. Being vulnerable and honest in my songwriting is really important to me, and this felt like another personal story that I really needed to share.

Amelia Moore’s journey from homeschool to Hollywood has garnered over 168 million global streams, alongside recognition from many major media outlets.

With mesmerizing vocals, a distinctive aesthetic, and fearless lyrics, Amelia Moore’s debut EP, ‘Teaching a Robot to Love’, received acclaim as “arguably the strongest debut project any artist could wish to make.

As Moore releases more music, she continues to redefine the landscape of the pop genre.

Photo Credit: Katia Temkin

About Amelia Moore:
Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Amelia Moore creates the kind of visionary pop music that both defies all expectation and feels immediately essential.

In a whirlwind journey she describes as “homeschool to Hollywood,” the 23-year-old Georgia native got her start singing in the church choir as a child, followed her dreams to Los Angeles at age 18, and soon attracted a deeply engaged following on the strength of her bold but vulnerable songwriting.

True to her social handles (@icryatwork), the 23-year-old artist approaches all her music with a fierce commitment to total emotional transparency—an irresistible counterpart to her kaleidoscopic and endlessly unpredictable sound.



Amelia Moore’s “that girl” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms

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