Alvin Kamara On Truss Levelz Podcast

Alvin Kamara On Truss Levelz Podcast

VannDigital presents to you today’s series premiere episode of all-new The Players’ Tribune podcast, “Truss Levelz” with Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan.

Today’s debut episode kicks off with New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara as he sits down with Cam and Mark to share his path to the league, Why Alabama wasn’t a fit for him and why Nick Saban created a “practice penalty box”, for him, spending a year in the JUCO wilderness only to return to Division 1 FBS. Alvin also gives the guys the full inside scoop on his 2019 MCL injury and playing on one leg for almost the entire season.

Episode highlights include:

  • Alvin shares how announcers have been pronouncing his last name wrong this entire time. “It’s pronounced Cuh-mer-uh like the car.” (1:09-1:25)
  • Alvin Kamara discussed forcing his transfer out of Alabama by withdrawing from all of his classes and how Nick Saban created a “Penalty Box” for him at practice because he kept messing around. (15:45-17:35)
  • Alvin on not being pleased with his initial Madden21 rating. “You don’t care about your Madden rating but you DO care about your Madden rating. I still DM’d the team though.” (41:05-41:55)
  • Alvin touches on being friends with the Migos since HS (42:45-44:18)
  • Alvin opens up about his newfound NASCAR fandom and becoming friends with Bubba Wallace. He also shared how he got Bubba to participate in a full practice with the Saints. (52:44-55:50)

Upcoming guests include Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce, Bobby Wagner, Alvin Kamara, George Kittle, Derrick Henry, and more.