Alfred Banks (@UnderdogCentral) – Garden District [MP3]

Alfred Banks (@UnderdogCentral) - Garden District [MP3]

2016 was an incredible year for Alfred Banks aka UnderdogCentral. From his Volkswagen/Beats by Dre car commercial to his first tour of Europe and even performing in Elvis Presley's house, NOLA rapper Alfred Banks truly took his brand to the next level. As Alfred Banks weaves in and out of this CZA-produced track, he reflects on his accomplishments and basks in the energy of living in one of New Orleans' most beautiful neighborhoods.

"This track is me enjoying the fruits of my labor. But, realizing I have to keep working to take this success to an even higher level. Garden District is a metaphor for success. It's the nicest area of New Orleans & because of music, I was able to move there. It's only up from here" –Alfred Banks