Alexa Cappelli “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” (Audio)

Alexa Cappelli “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” (Audio)

Pop singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli releases her new single “Could've Just Left Me Alone”.

Today, 22-year-old Pop singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli releases her heartbreak anthem “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” via Arista Records.

The track is a defiant and empowering message to all types of toxic relationships.

Alexa adds, “‘Could've Just Left Me Alone’ is a song about realizing how much energy was spent on the ways you were treated in a relationship, friendship, or anything like it, when that person really could've just not.”

“Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” marks the first taste of new music to be released via her new label home, Arista Records.

About Alexa Cappelli
Alexa is a 22-year-old artist and singer-songwriter born and raised in Southern California.

At age 18, she went from seeing Kelly Clarkson as her biggest vocal inspiration to joining Team Kelly on Season 14 of "The Voice".

In 2019, she went on to start her journey in pop music with her debut EP 'The Colors That Make You'.

Alexa then released fan-favorite singles “SAY SOMETHING” and “Forbidden”, which gained traction through her TikTok and social media presence.

In February 2022, she released her sophomore EP, 'Confused @ 22' with pre-released singles “Body Language” and “Whiplash”, which were featured on MTV and added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Marking a new chapter for Alexa, she just released her defiant anthem “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” via her new label home Arista Records.

Loving when music brings people together, Alexa hopes to be a part of that with every song she releases.

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Alexa Cappelli's “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms