The beauty about being involved in the music industry is that you're able to recieve multiple submissions from different artists from all over the country. 90% of these are bad but the small few are artists that I end up connecting with on a more personal level. One of these artists is Compl3xx. I've been messing with Pl3xx for the longest while now, keeping in tune with all the musical updates he's had. I literally mess with his music so much so that he gave me an album that I think he even forgot he had (I'm talking about Safe Zone 1 Pl3xx). It was only natural that when he announced and teased several new tunes from his upcoming project PHOENIX that I take notice of such musical talent.

Taking a few plays from Childish Gamibno, Compl3xx has released a huge package of media to better provide an encapsulating experience for his listeners. Most of these are located around his website (by the way mess around at the site and find all the goodies he's got. Try and figure out the password too.) The collection of different videos, songs, and photos combined to create a multimedia masterpiece, being one of the only people in the game to provide such an experience.

With all of these added benefits and more, Compl3xx has finally let the PHOENIX rise. Check out the album below and hear the mesh of modern art mixed with the sonic sounds of music. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.