Album: Stream & Cop 'The Transition' By Kaydee (@KaydeeTR)

Album: Stream & Cop 'The Transition' By Kaydee (@KaydeeTR) 1

"The day has finally arrived! It is finally time for me to present you my newest project 'The Transition'. A very brief background on myself, I am from Toronto, Canada and have spent the last year cooking up this album. To say I put my life on this album would be an understatement; this tape literally is apart of my being because of the work I put forth to complete it and the material covered on it. Being from Toronto is particularly hard because since Drake has opened the door for Canadian artists to get recognition, a lot of people are on the hunt for the next Drake. Sorry, that is not me at all, I am the 1st Kaydee. This is a completely different sound that people don't associate with Toronto artists and I am comfortable being in my own lane. While crafting this album, I set out to make something that is classic, something that could be played 10 years from now and will still be appreciated. There isn't any poppy singles, no DJ Mustard-type beats (no disrespect), just real rap from a kid from Toronto who is trying to tell his story."

Kaydee: 'The Transition' (Album Tracklisting) [Poster Artwork]

"From what I have been told by people who have heard it, it is the best rap release from a Toronto artist this year and one of the strongest rap releases this year period. Personally, I stand behind those comments but it is ultimately up to you to make your own decision. In no way am I this cocky, up and comer; I just know the work that I have put in to make sure this album could compete with the best. If I were to compare my album to any recent releases, it would have to be YG's 'My Krazy Life' and Kendrick Lamar's 'Good Kid, MAAD City', only because all of our albums follow a narrative and tell a story. For those who do not want to listen to the whole album, some personal highlights include "INTROduction", "St. Joan Of Arc", "Peyton Manning", "Northside Behaviour", "King Kaydee", & "Crime Pays". I know once you listen to this album, you will fall in love with it as much as I did while creating it." -Kaydee