Album: Stream & Cop '#SummerRansom' By C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve)

Album: Stream & Cop '#SummerRansom' By C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) 1

Recorded in 2014 between April & July, 'Summer Ransom' is the 10th full-length release from Chris Shreve's brainchild Free The Optimus. Mixing a number of tried & true FTO soundscape architects (ILe Flottante, Shep Bryan, Handbook, P.U.R.P.) along with plenty of new connections (Whokairs?, Soul Monk, Dylan Guye) makes for what feels like a new classic in what is already a deep underground catalog. The Professor anchors all 18 tracks with features from Mike L!VE, DJ Jet, Jrusalam, Tuscon, Martin Snoddy, & Trapbo' Chad. The album was mixed & mastered by Whokairs? at his studio in Asheville, NC.

C.Shreve The Professor: Summer Ransom [Album Tracklisting]

C.Shreve describes 'Summer Ransom' as follows:

"A new chapter in the same running dialogue. To Free the Optimus means to unlock your absolute best potential. I was born in the summer--I want my time. We all want that. I'm claimin mine on some summer of George shit. This is an MC's album. For rappers of all kinds, I want you to listen and feel some type of way. You either gon say go get em, or feel like i'm questioning your dopeness. And I am. If the shoe fits, y'all should wear it. I'm a true fan of the raw MCs out here doing this. I vibe with y'all in the front row. But that fake shit, that fradulent garbage, nah man. [email protected] you. We're takin this thing ransom."

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