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Hip-Hop has always been based on the current generation of artists standing on the shoulders of those who came before them. Unlike other genres, Hip-Hop is constantly reinventing itself and re-referencing itself through the music, fashion, and culture of its followers, allowing newcomers to appreciate the dynamic culture. Whereas some acts choose to disregard the hard work that these giants have undertaken, others are more appreciative of the leaders, and teachers who have made the music industry a viable option for them. Divine, an emcee who falls in the latter category, and isn’t one to hide it, has honed his craft ever since he was 10 years old.

After all of the triumphs and setbacks that Divine’s been through, the Fort Greene native is finally ready to share his message with his debut full length LP, ‘Ghetto Rhymin’. The Brooklyn emcee who draws inspiration from the likes of KRS-One, Kool G Rap, and Eric B & Rakim, continues to expose the inner-workings of street life with his blend of introspective bars akin to the “Golden Age” figures of yesteryear. Famed venture capitalist Ben Horowitz saw this hunger and dedication that Divine possessed, and after a series of conversations, the tech magnate sent his Kickstarter offer through his circles. After a number of generous contributions, including a generous pledge from Ben’s wife, Felicia, Divine’s debut album is here.

Thematically, ‘Ghetto Rhymin’ is built around Divine’s upbringing and both the good and bad paths that he’s taken. Full of gully, piano heavy, street anthems, the album is minimal on features, allowing the emcee to focus and reflect on his own existence. Amidst the gun shots and drugs that surround his life, Divine has been able to distance himself from the past with tracks like the triumphant single, “I’m Back,” as well as the equally dope, “Let’s Get It On.” This continues on tracks like “New York City Nights” and the Prov P produced banger, “Check It Out“. Tracks like “Where The Club At” features a late night, uptempo beat, but still boasts Divine’s slick wordplay. At 16 tracks, ‘Ghetto Rhymin’ gives everyone something to enjoy. The album is now ready for download through iTunes and all major digital retailers, and is available on CD, through Fat Beats and UGHH!!!

Ghetto Rhymin‘ Tracklisting:

  1. The Wait Is Over: The Legacy Lives (Prelude) [produced by DJ Whopper]
  2. I’m Back (produced by Prov P)
  3. It’z War (produced by Ill D)
  4. Let’s Get It On (produced by DJ Devastate)
  5. Hard Body (produced by Bova)
  6. Gun Talk (produced by Prov P)
  7. New York City Nights (produced by Prov P)
  8. Check It Out (produced by Prov P)
  9. Smooth Don (featuring Tracy Adam) [produced by Godspeed]
  10. Where The Club At (produced by Mr. JPatt)
  11. Embracing Eternity (Universal Love) [featuring Tracy Adam] (produced by Jahgillaz)
  12. Ghetto Rhymin’ (featuring Sara Vahabi) [produced by DJ Whopper]
  13. My Dudes (produced by Ill D)
  14. Locked In The Stars (produced by Mr. JPatt)
  15. Nobody Does It Meaner (Prelude) [produced by Ill D]
  16. Brooklyn, Brooklyn (produced by Ill D)

You can cop this album on iTunes, Fat Beats, Amazon, UGHH, & Google Play!!!