Album: @ShabaamSahdeeq » Keepers Of The Lost Art [Pre-Order]

Album: @ShabaamSahdeeq » Keepers Of The Lost Art [Pre-Order]

Brooklyn veteran spit kicker Shabaam Sahdeeq has returned with his fifth studio album, 'Keepers Of The Lost Art'. The relentless lyricist delivers a body of work that puts his lyrical aptitude at the forefront, while placing an emphasis on top shelf production & cuts, courtesy of Ran Reed, Lewis Parker, DJ Dister, DJ Ready Cee, & DJ Skizz, to name a few.

What originally started as 40 tracks, 'Keepers Of The Lost Art' was eventually boiled down to 20, reflecting S-Dub's most comprehensive long play release to date. The LP details his motivation to stay in the game & fight for the culture with bars as tough as the mic in his hand. The production runs the gamut from laid back as exemplified by the nostalgic piano chords on the Lewis Parker-produced "Walk with the Light" to electrifying, as demonstrated by the DJ Skizz-produced street banger "That Dope" which boasts features from Brooklyn's premiere panderer Wais P, & the lyrically sharp Sha Stimuli. And complain no more club deejays, Shabaam has you covered for a dance friendly cut to spin late Friday nights with the DJ Wonder-produced "Fall In Line". It's safe to call it a comeback as his rhymes are as polished today, as they were when he made his Rawkus debut in '97 with "Arabian Nights" B/W "Side 2 Side".

Artistically, the album cover reveals a scenario where Hip-Hop's younger generation discovers the cultural keepsakes of yesteryear. From a solid gold boombox, to jewel crusted crowns, drum machines, & outboard gear, S-Dub is here to confront the generational disconnect, as spelled out on the Eric Rico-featured "Grown Man Hustle" — "Some of these young boys consider me a throwback, I birthed your style you need to give me my flow back," spits S-Dub. When explaining the album cover, Shabaam states: "Imagine the world came to an end in an apocalypse & some kids survived in a bunker. Now when the dust settles & the smoke is gone, the kids come out the bunker & discover a treasure chest in an old music store that contains all the elements of Hip-Hop, & started having fun with it." Whether you see it as a time capsule or the last defense of Hip-Hop's watchmen, 'Keepers Of The Lost Art' could be played ten years ago, today, & ten years from now with high praise.

'Keepers Of The Lost Art' includes guest features from the likes of Tragedy Khadafi, REKS, El Gant, Wais P, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, F.T., Mic Handz, General DV (DV Alias Khrist), Spit Gemz, & Bekay among others, & becomes available April 22nd via digital download & CD, through Below System.

You can pre-order this album on digital @ iTunes, Bandcamp, & Amazon!!!

You can pre-order this album on CD @ Below System, UGHH, HHV, Kudos, & Amazon!!!