Album: @PeteMarriott » #RealHipHop + "Let's Make Some Noise 2.0" Track
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Album: @PeteMarriott » #RealHipHop + “Let’s Make Some Noise 2.0” Track

Remember when Hip Hop music was fresh, exciting, new, & felt so damn good??? Producer Pete Marriott delivers the first of his 3 ‘#RealHipHop‘ legacy album series. ‘#RealHipHop‘ is a refreshingly creative full length LP featuring hip hop veterans such as Mr. Man (Da Bush Babees), Jazz (Whistle), Benz (Drednotz), & exciting upstarts like Otomatik, Random, Jermiside, DVS Jackson Esq., & Killah Trakz flowing over fresh new sounds with a funky, jazzy, & soulful appeal. Includes the hit singles: “Let’s Make Some Noise“, “Bring It In Right“, “100 Proof“, “The Way That I Rock“, & “Follow Me“.

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