Album: Onyx (@Onyx_HQ) » #WakeDaFucUp (Retail) [Prod. @Snowgoons]

Album: Onyx (@Onyx_HQ) » #WakeDaFucUp (Retail) [Prod. @Snowgoons] 1

Album by Onyx performing "#WakeDaFucUp (Retail)" that's produced entirely by Snowgoons & you can cop @ the following retailers below!!! © 2014 Major Independents/Mad Money Movement/Onyx Domain/Goon MuSick.

Onyx & Snowgoons: #WakeDaFucUp [Album Tracklisting]

You can cop the 'WakeDaFucUp' album on iTunes, Amazon,,, Switzerland, & Orange Bud Coating!!!


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