Album: @LocalMu12 » #LaborDay [Retail]

Album: @LocalMu12 » #LaborDay [Preview]

After an experimental release of the 'Labor Day' album back in December, Local-Mu12 officially drop their debut LP. Local-Mu12 is a global collective of artists & producers founded by William "Fokis" Heredia in 2012. It stands for Local Musicians United 12 (12 stands for the year it was established 2012) & is a brotherhood forged on the foundation of the mutual understanding of succeeding. The idea was to pool their resources together & operate like a union: a professional organization constantly seeking ways to help each member of the collective move forward. With members spanning from Groton, Connecticut to Arbon, Switzerland, it's safe to say they cover a lot of ground.

The album features Skyzoo, Rapper Big Pooh, Torae, Sadat X, & GLC and is filled with songs based on the everyday joys as well as the trials & tribulations of life. Production was handled in house by members Real McKoy (Sadat X, Black Rob, Cormega), MoodsandVibrations (Punchline, Bootcamp Click, RUN-DMC), & emcee/producer The 17th.

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