Album: @LMNtlyst & Rusty P's (@Rusty_Ps1) - LMNOP's

Album: @LMNtlyst & Rusty P's (@Rusty_Ps1) - LMNOP's 1

As the Rusty Ps (Milwaukee Hip Hop pioneers, starting back in 1995 when there was no scene there) work on their 20-year reunion album scheduled to release this fall, they unite with a jack of all trades LMNtlyst. From Milwaukee, WI the artists released their first single "Figment" that was featured on The Source. Now the album is finally here!!!

About The 'LMNOP's' Album:

'LMNOP's' is a new experimental hip hop album from pioneering Milwaukee hip hop duo Rusty P’s & local musician/producer LMNtlyst. Originally created during an impromptu recording session, the appeal of working together on a full-length album proved irresistible for the long-time collaborators.

While LMNtlyst’s barrage of quirky sounds & obscure instruments creates the ideal sonic canvas for the acclaimed lyricists to weave catchy hooks & gritty raps, it is the duo’s time-tested song making ability that will make the new album a favorite of loyal fans & new listeners alike.

A veritable roller coaster ride of emotions and sounds, tracks range from the mellow, cool-out vibes of “Say A Word” to the self-assertive, aggressive style of “Soul Gun”. The result is a colorful tapestry of audio for even the most discerning heads.

LMNtlyst & Rusty P's: 'LMNOP's' [Album Tracklisting]

You can cop this album on iTunes!!!