Album: Laelo (@Laelo202) » #LifersNeverDie

Album: Laelo (@Laelo202) » #LifersNeverDie 1

After an almost two year layoff, Mr. High Definition is back with his brand new album, 'Lifers Never Die'. Once again, Laelo masterfully displays his unique versatility over eleven impeccable pieces of production. Album features include: Uptown XO, Black Boo, Gods’illa, Awthentik, Alison Carney, Violet Rocker, & Precious Joubert. Production credits go to Str8 Beatz (The High Definition Society), Matcy P, Sergio Cortez, Awthentik, DCypher, Nowah Beats, & Hec Dolo.

Lifers Never Die [Album Tracklisting]

The album is available now for FREE via AudioMack, but for the fans/supporters that would like to invest in the Lifers movement, the LP is also available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers!!!