Album: @KillahPriest – Planet Of The Gods (Full)

MP3: @KillahPriest - Alien Stars

Killah Priest's 'Planet Of The Gods' will blow you out to the cosmos & bring you back to earth on a higher chakra. Priest's mastery & scholarly depth continues to transform & today, he unveils the full album stream for his new project which you can cop below!!!

The follow-up to 2013 album 'The Psychic World Of Walter Reed', Killah Priest's new album, 'Planet Of The Gods', features 20-new tracks that is totally void of guest appearances & includes production from Jordan River Banks, Black Marvel, & Ciph Parker.

'Planet Of The Gods' Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Citrin [Produced by Black Marvel & Jordan River Banks]
  3. Gods Of E.din [Produced by Ciph Barker]
  4. Golden Pineapple Of The Sun [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  5. Starship Planet (Shi'ur Qomah) [Produced by Ciph Barker]
  6. Creation Of A Super God [Produced by Black Marvel]
  7. The Vast Bottomless Sleep (Cosmos) [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  8. PWOWR Glove [Produced by Ciph Barker]
  9. L.Gigi (People Of The Land Of Nod) [Produced by Jordan River Banks & Kombo for Ma'at Tabla]
  10. Earth To Walter Reed, Come In Please [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  11. Mul.Apin Tablets [Produced by Ciph Barker]
  12. Centrality Of Our Mythic Imagination [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  13. Rogue Godz [Produced by Black Marvel]
  14. Color Of Ideas [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  15. Quantum Spirit Of Creation [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  16. Alien Stars [Produced by Ciph Barker]
  17. I Destroyed You In Front Of Your Leaders [Produced by Black Marvel]
  18. Body Of Light [Produced by Jordan River Banks]
  19. Gallery Of The Gods [Produced by Black Marvel]
  20. Walt's Day Out [Produced by Jordan River Banks] *Bonus Track

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