Album: Katrell Antonio Platt (@KPThePhenomenal) » K.A.P. Vol. II: Private Listenings

Album: Katrell Antonio Platt (@KPThePhenomenal) » K.A.P. Vol. II: Private Listenings

Released in Winter 2014, 'Private Listenings' is the follow up to 'The Katrell Antonio Platt Tape (K.A.P. Tape): The Restoration' & the second installment to the 'K.A.P. Vol. II' saga.

Starring: Mike Lucas, Boss Blacc, DJ Sauna, Buddy Cuz, Jizzle P, & TWIIN with original beat productions from Cory Purvis & IAMNOBODI…Enjoy!!!

About Katrell Antonio Platt:
Ordinarily the man behind the scenes, overseeing the operations & productions of several up & coming artist (Cory Purvis, Valdrin Lamont, & Boss Blacc to mention a few) as an executive producer/manager, Katrell Antonio Platt aka Katrell The Phenomenal & KP The Phenomenal, the eldest son of an Alumni of the NC A&T University Marching Band & band director, was born in Mount Vernon, New York; but as an infant was relocated to & raised in Mullins, South Carolina.

Surrounded by encouraging family & picking up on his musical genes, this is where his concrete work ethic was instilled & the "adapt to overcome" foundation began. KP The Phenomenal is a very laid back individual who speaks for happily underestimated & deep thinkers of the world who choose to see positively in any event that may occur in life & are determined to remain painstakingly in motion. Music comes as a therapeutic second nature. Katrell represents the current era of hip hop. Due to the digital age, geographic location has become increasingly less significant. All that matters now is good music, which KP The Phenomenal brings with his unique interpretation of hip hop music. "Just trying to live, not trying to hurt nobody," is his life motto.

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