Album: J.Lately (@JustLately) » #MakeBelieve + “Roses” Video feat. Grynch (@Grynch206)

Album: J.Lately (@JustLately) » #MakeBelieve + "Roses" Video feat. Grynch (@Grynch206)

Bay Area MC J.Lately’s album ‘Make.Believe‘ is now available to cop & download below. In addition to the album, J.Lately drops the video for his single, “Roses“, featuring Grynch & produced by The Blacksmiths. Sporting a Hiero T-shirt, J.Lately spits solemn verses over chill synths & relaxed percussion.

Raised in Oakland until he was five, J.Lately later moved to Sebastopol, a small town in Sonoma County. He lived there until deciding to attend Pitzer College in L.A., where J.Lately started to immerse himself in hip-hop as both an artist & a fan. After graduating, he returned to Oakland to work as a high school teacher, eventually becoming a vice principal. J.Lately’s musical career has flourished, with recent successes including selling out The Hotel Utah in San Francisco & touring California.

You can stream & cop the ‘Make.Believe‘ album below:

You can watch the video for his track “Roses (featuring Grynch)” below:

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