Album: Ilyas Nashid & Quintessence James (@Ilyas513 @QuintJames) – Transformation Part 1: Ego

MP3: Ilyas Nashid & Quintessence James (@Ilyas513 @QuintJames) - Away Too Long

Many wonder…

“Whatever happened to Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan)???”
“Why’d he leave the group???”
“What went wrong???”

Around the time of the Tanya Morgan breakup, Ilyas started recording an album venting about the struggles & emotions he was dealing with at the time. That album is ‘Transformation‘.

Broken into two separate albums, ‘Transformation‘ answers many questions. Produced by Quintessence James, the album harkens back to Tanya Morgan’s original sound from their ‘Moonlighting‘ & ‘Brooklynati‘ days, but just a tad darker & more insightful than the carefree Tanya Morgan music fans all know & love.

Transformation‘ listens as an audio diary of sorts as Ilyas speaks of his breakup with the group, breakup with his girlfriend of 6 years, and struggles dealing with substance abuse, fatherhood, & the world in general. ‘Transformation 1 & 2‘ document his struggle from depression to joy, inadequacy to fulfillment, & ego to soul.

Transformation Part 1: Ego‘ is available now digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp, Fat Beats, & UGHH!!!