Album: ‘Help My Discontent’ By R.U.I.N. (@MCRUIN)

Album: 'Help My Discontent' By R.U.I.N. (@MCRUIN)

‘Help My Discontent (2015)’ is the second studio album from Toronto emcee, R.U.I.N., following 2013’s ‘The Audacity Of Dope’, with production from Juno award winner Relic, as well as other outstanding Canadian producers like Fresh Kils & royceBIRTH, along with many others as well. It follows the story of the disgruntled saint struggling with many diverse issues that eat away upon our ability to be grateful in life.

From struggles for respect & success, to academic squabbles, to dating, to art becoming work instead of fun, to medications, to retail work, & even to global injustices like war, ‘Help My Discontent’ provides honest portrayals of struggling with all these sources of potential complaining in our lives, & sends up a prayer to the Creator, that despite of this we are truly grateful, but that we will always have a need for continual strength to help our discontent. Featuring Canadian emcees, SéAn Prominent & royceBIRTH, and Cincinnati’s own MC Forty of Sleeping Showers, “Help My Discontent” is an exploration of gratefulness, complaining, honest life, & ultimately the hope that new life can spring from our glasses, whether we view them as half-full or half-empty.

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