Album: 'Chaos Theory' By @DivineSunsMusic (@DanJohnny5 @PlexLong @AnonymousTheory @HunchPunchChamp)

Album: 'Chaos Theory' By @DivineSunsMusic (@DanJohnny5 @PlexLong @AnonymousTheory @HunchPunchChamp) 1

"Music is a humbling journey. What starts as a rumbling in your chest or a thought dancing around in your head quickly becomes an all-consuming reality. It’s not that you want to do it; you absolutely have to do it. With that love and appreciation for art and music in mind, we present 'Chaos Theory'.

We, the brothers of Divine Suns, invite you to experience the alignment of our respective universes. Our story dates back to 1997 & the campus of Morehouse College, where battles & cyphers became the breeding ground for the emcees we are today. Love of Hip Hop turned sometimes bitter rivals into a crew. Life experience turned us into brothers.

'Chaos Theory' marks a reunion of sorts. The title symbolizes how easily our plan came together. From various studios in various cities, we began crafting verses and visualizing songs with the help of the internet. Yet, the pieces fit perfectly.

Lyrically, 'Chaos Theory' represents the life and times of seven emcees & their ever-changing stories. The battle rap-inspired, “Nobody Want It” is a head nod to the days of the boom bap while the title track is an “imagine that” type of look at our world. And though emcees, we are also lovers, which is why songs like “Love Languages” & “Oxygen Mask” mean so much to us. We’ve stuffed this project in hopes that it can be a soundtrack to your whole day.

Charlie P, DJ Menace; and our brothers, William Northam, Dan Johns, and Trice Be PhantomMagnetiq, provide the musical landscape and few special friends lend their voices in our ode to the “beautiful people” you are.

It may sound cliché, but this project was crafted with love. And it was crafted with you in mind. We set out to deliver an album that will make your fast forward button obsolete and the rewind button your newest friend.

But don’t take our word for it.

We thank you in advance for taking this journey with us. Here’s to you and much more music to come." ~The Suns

Divine Suns: 'Chaos Theory' Album (Tracklisting) [Poster Artwork]

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