Album: Amiri (@BeatsBaby) » Vinyl Ritchie 2.0

MP3: Amiri (@BeatsBaby) feat. @BukueOne & SympL (@SympLEmcee) » We Got This

2013 has been a steady year for producer Amiri, as he's released 'Soul Beautiful' with partner in rhyme Spectac, as well as produced 'New Girl In Town' by Carolina Dirty.

Now, Amiri gives his 2012 solo album the remix treatment with 'Vinyl Ritchie 2.0'. The original album featured the #1 single "From The Soul" as well as Top 10 single "A Dreamer" & was a favorite among fans. 'VR 2.0' includes all new production by Amiri, as well as new beat interludes, & a couple of new tracks, including "We Got This" featuring Bukue One & SympL & "From The Soul 80s (Remix)" featuring Booty Brown (of Pharcyde).