Alabama Woman Martha Jane Bowes Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Alabama Woman Martha Jane Bowes Awarded Donkey Of The Day

An Alabama woman named Martha Jane Bowes has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for stealing flowers from multiple gravesites.

Just when you thought Donkey Of The Day couldn’t get any weirder, the Donkey in question happens to be an Alabama woman by the name of Martha Jane Bowes.

What has Bowes done to be awarded Donkey Of The Day, you ask???

Over the course of a few years, the 69-year-old Bowes took it upon herself to go from one gravesite to the next stealing flower arrangements.

It was only on May 16 that she was caught on a recently installed security camera doing so.

Karel Gilliand, whose family Bowes stole flower arrangements from, had this to say…

If it hadn’t have been for those pictures, putting them out there, and everybody sharing it, we might not have caught them.

Afterwards, a search warrant was executed by the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office to bumrush Bowes’ home where multiple flower arrangements were eventually found.

Jeff Allen, one of three trustees over Painter Cemetery (where the flower arrangements were stolen from), had a theory about why this is happening…

For somebody to come and just take those and try to get a profit from it, that’s about as low as a person can be.

Gilliland added…

It’s not so much the monetary value. She put in the time and the same kind of love and care that she gave to our loved ones when they were here. When you’re taking that, it’s like taking another little piece of them.

Gilliland concluded with…

It has to stop. They have to know that eventually they’re going to get caught. More people are going to put up cameras, because more people are like us, and they are mad about it.

Bowes has since been arrested and charged with two other failure-to-appear warrants in addition to theft and desecration.

She is currently sitting in the Dekalb County Jail on $605 bond.

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