Alabama Meth Heads Tracy Reeves & Michael Amacker Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Alabama Meth Heads Tracy Reeves & Michael Amacker Awarded Donkey Of The Day

A bizarre story unfolding in Creola when a shootout happened Sunday night, involving a woman, her husband, and her lover.

Frank and Tracy Reeves live on Skidmore Road in Creola. Neighbors said they keep to themselves and things are normally quiet, until Sunday night when shots rang out.

“Because of all the weather going on, I just assumed it was thunder because it sounded so loud and so close,” said Hunter Bennett, next door neighbor to the Reeves.

Deputies said Frank Reeves got into a gun battle inside the home with a man he thought was an intruder, but investigators said that man, Michael Amacker, is Tracy Reeves’s boyfriend.

According to deputies, Tracy was letting Amacker live inside the home for more than a year, and her husband never had a clue.

But Sunday night, that secret began to unravel.

“My wife and I have lived here for 13 years, never ever seen anything go on like this,” said Kenneth Wilson.

Investigators said both men shot each other. Frank was hit in the chest. Amacker was shot in the leg and elbow, and both were taken to the hospital.

A neighbor saw the aftermath.

“We saw them bring out the suspect, and also the man that was shot, and they both seemed to be okay,” said Wilson. “They weren’t saying much, in fact, the suspect did not say a word, it looked like he was way out of it.”

Mobile County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Burch said Amacker and Tracy Reeves were high on methamphetamines, calling this one of the most bizarre cases he’s ever seen.

“It was just a very odd scene to work,” said Captain Burch. “It’s something that I haven’t seen in 30 plus years.”

Neighbors are still wishing Frank a speedy recovery.

“I just pray that Mr. Frank is alright,” said Bennett. “I know he went to the hospital, I hope he recovers well, and I just hope the situations is resolved.”

Amacker is charged with attempted murder, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number.

Deputies said Amacker apparently limited his trips to the bathroom to stay hidden, because they found bottles in his room full of urine.

[via WBRC]

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