A’ja Wilson On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’

A'ja Wilson On Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’

WNBA MVP A’ja Wilson talks mental health struggles in the bubble plus reveals Coach Laimbeer’s “One Hug Per Year” policy on the season finale of LOL’s “Cold As Balls”.

The DigiSpot shares today’s new episode of “Cold As Balls”—from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud—featuring Las Vegas Aces star and the current WNBA MVP A’ja Wilson.

In the Season 5 finale episode, A’ja reveals how hard it was being in the bubble even though she won MVP, and how it affected her mental health to not be able to disconnect.

A’ja also reveals some insight on her relationship with Aces Coach Bill Laimbeer saying, “If he’s swingin’, I’m swingin“–and how the team is only allowed one hug per year.

Watch below as A’ja gets down to some karaoke with Kevin, and shares the best advice she’s ever gotten from Coach Staley…“Don’t fuck up.”

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • A’ja talks about winning MVP in the bubble, and how hard it was to not have her family there or be able to leave and disconnect. She even says, “Not having that, it was awful.”
  • A’ja jokes about her relationship with Coach Laimbeer and how they are only allowed one hug per year. She also states that her mindset when she found out he would be her coach was, “If he’s swingin’, I’m swingin.”
  • A’ja expresses her appreciation for University of South Carolina’s Dawn Staley and how she considers her a 2nd mom – A’ja tells Kevin the best advice Coach Staley has given her, “Don’t fuck up.”

A’ja’s episode marks the finale of “Cold As Balls: Season 5”, which included guests such as The Undertaker, Chloe Kim, and Michael Strahan. “Cold As Balls” airs on the Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel, Cold as Balls Facebook page, and Hart’s Facebook page.