Aiza “Alright” (Audio)

Aiza “Alright” (Audio)

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Montreal-born, Toronto-based Afro-Bop singer Aiza shares her new single, “Alright”.

“Alright” is taken from her upcoming debut album, ‘Sovereignty’, which is set to drop on 9.29.2023!!!

Aiza had this to say about the track…

Lately, my motto has been ‘write about how you want to feel’ and this song is a testament to that.

I wrote ‘Alright’ on a freezing winter day back in January 2020.

I was in a funky mood when I arrived at the studio, teaming up with LA-via-Toronto songwriter Chris Larocca and Herag Sanbalian on the production.

Hoping to bring some lightness and fun to my life, I told the guys ‘let’s write a song about things we want to manifest.’

In an hour, we penned one of my favorite songs to date.

This bop is a reminder that even though life can be challenging and filled with unexpected twists and turns, we are powerful enough to get through it all.

When I say ‘it’s all in the vibe,’ I mean that as long as I remain optimistic, continue to do my best and release the need to control every little thing, life always sorts itself out.

From the catchy sweetness of the vocals in the hook to the grittier sung-rapped bits, the uplifting lyrics and the sick Afro rhythms of the beat, this bop has all the elements that represent me as an artist and I never get tired of listening to it.

This song has evolved as I’ve gone on my own journey.

I quit drinking in September 2020 and my life changed drastically once I realized that I was still very much me and a lot less anxious without alcohol.

With the help of my main collaborator and partner C The Reason, the line ‘pour me a cup of that clicquot’ was eventually swapped for ‘pour me a cup with no alco.’

I love it because it’s quirky, it makes sobriety cool and it’s even more aligned with who I am now.

Each song on my debut album is centered around a lesson that I’ve learned to become the empowered and unapologetic woman I am today.

For this song, the message is clear: no matter what, we’re gonna be alright.

It’s very important for me to create a space where my listeners can feel empowered and seen.

I can’t wait to share more of ‘Sovereignty’ with you and hope that ‘Alright’ reminds you to trust the process and celebrate how far you’ve come every step of the way.”

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