AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You “How To Cry”

AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You "How To Cry"

AG Club and ICECOLDBISHOP reunite on “How To Cry” from ‘See You Next Year 2’.

Hip-hop collective AG Club and rapper ICECOLDBISHOP join forces in the latest single from ‘See You Next Year 2’, titled “How To Cry” out today. Crafted at Rick Rubin’s renowned Shangri-La studio, the soulful and throwback-leaning track features 808s, slow claps, and a captivating vocal performance by AG Club’s Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine. AG Club have been dubbed “the next hottest act out of the Bay Area” by FLAUNT and are proving this true on this new single. This collaboration showcases a calmer, more melodic side of ‘See You Next Year 2’, following the success of the uptempo lead single “Big Bank” by Paris Texas, Kenny Mason, and Billy Lemos. The album, set to include contributions from artists like King Isis, Monte Booker, Chase Plato, and more, is scheduled for release on March 29, 2024.

Rooted in soul-R&B, the track features AG Club’s stacked vocals, creating a choir-like ambiance. ICECOLDBISHOP’s high-pitched delivery and poignant ad-libs in the second verse add an extra layer of depth. The song explores the challenge of expressing emotions to a loved one, even in the face of uncertainty, and the subsequent journey of navigating the inevitable mistakes along the way. This collaboration marks the second venture between AG Club and ICECOLDBISHOP, following their 2021 single “NOHO“.

“How To Cry” spontaneously materialized during an impromptu recording session one evening at Shangri-La. With all the studios occupied by other sessions, AG Club found themselves at the piano, accompanied by producer Dustin Brown. As the song started to take shape, curious artists joined in to witness the creative process. Without a moment to spare, the group quickly began capturing the essence on their iPhones. Amidst the excitement, they invited ICECOLDBISHOP to freestyle with them. Eventually, a studio became available, prompting AG Club, ICECOLDBISHOP, and the entire Shangri-La community to gather, sing, laugh, and encapsulate the limitless energy of that memorable night.

AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You "How To Cry"

See You Next Year 2‘ Artist Class:

Kenny Mason

Paris Texas

Monte Booker


King Isis


Billy Lemos

AG Club


Deb Never

Chase Plato

Love Spells


Junior Varsity

‘See You Next Year 2’ is an eccentric compilation album of hip-hop, alternative, and indie music, featuring Kenny Mason, Paris Texas, Monte Booker, and other buzzing artists to watch. The album is set to be released by Pigeons & Planes and indie label Big.Ass.Kids via Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide. It follows ‘See You Next Year 1’ which was executive produced by Mike Dean, featuring Teezo Touchdown and Fana Hues who both went on to have breakout years in 2023.

AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You "How To Cry"

‘SYNY 1’ received considerable coverage from many major notable publications.

‘See You Next Year’ is an annual emerging artist discovery platform and multi-tiered campaign created by Pigeons & Planes and Big.Ass.Kids. ‘See You Next Year’ champions the selected artists through the next phase of their careers by sharing storytelling, live performance moments, exclusive content and editorial support throughout the campaign. Fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Shangri-La recording sessions for ‘SYNY 2’ through video, editorial, and social content over the next months.

AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You "How To Cry"

About AG Club:
The AG Club (Avant-garde Club) is a genre-less music group that consists of Baby Boy & Jody Fontaine. Since 2017, the Bay Area-based hip-hop outfit and creative collective AG Club have been mashing up styles and defying expectations on singles and mixtapes, as well as in ambitious videos. The guys showcase their ability to both sing and rap, while bringing their songs to life in their cinematic visuals.

AG Club & ICECOLDBISHOP Show You "How To Cry"

ICECOLDBISHOP, a rapper known for his eccentric delivery and diverse flows, began his unconventional musical journey in South Central L.A. with anthems like “Porch” and “IRATE”. Despite rapping for fun since childhood, it wasn’t until adulthood that the Los Angeles native officially recorded his verses. After overcoming a period of homelessness, he released singles like “Katana” and “Creep”, showcasing versatility and landing on the COLORS video platform with “IRATE”. Moving into 2020, he collaborated with producer for “DICKIES SUIT” and, in 2021, delivered a notable performance at the Roxy Theatre, leading to a deal with. This partnership resulted in his major-label debut in December 2022 with the impactful single “THE GOV’T GAVE US GUNS”, produced by Kal Banx.