Adrien Broner Still Alive After Threatening To Off Himself On Instagram

Adrien Broner in the ring back in his early years [Press Photo]

After news reports of a suicide situation concerning once-promising boxer Adrien Broner surfaced on the internet yesterday (10.12.2016), he was recently (as of press time) found to be still alive & kicking (or should I say, punching).

Regardless of the type of person AB is, suicide isn't something to be taken lightly as most people haven't this situation (and others like it) too seriously.

Now me myself, I don't feel sorry for people that commit suicide. But under the same breath, I'm all for suicide prevention & that's something that should be taken more seriously than suicide itself.

As this update comes to you courtesy of our "favorite" radio hosts in Hip-Hop, this is what they had to say on the situation below...